Semalt: How To Get All Links From A Website For Free

Every now and then, you may want to extract all links or URLs from a website. The most common reason for this is to help search engines especially Google index your web pages or content easily. The process is useful because it helps analyze the visible titles, meta tags, and meta descriptions and get rid of broken links. Webmasters and bloggers know that it is difficult to extract all links from a website with ordinary methods. However, the following tools can ease your work to an extent.

1. Screaming Frog:

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a comprehensive web crawler and link extractor that allows us to get a site's URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyze the onsite SEO. You can download and activate this tool instantly, or purchase its premium version that unlocks extraordinary features. This tool allows you to analyze the results in real-time and extracts URLs based on meta-descriptions and titles. You can also create Image XML Sitemap and XML Sitemap with this advanced tool.

2. Link Extractor:

Enter the valid website link and get all URLs based on your requirements, thanks to Link Extractor for making it possible. It is one of the best and most useful link scraping services on the internet. The results are displayed in the form of a link, and you get no broken URLs at all because Link Extractor can repair all the broken links automatically. To perform web scraping, you just have to copy and paste the desired URL into the form and repeat the procedure. One of the most distinctive features of this service is that it can be used to get all internal and external links from a web page. The link text and link line in your site or HTML code are also shown in the final results.

3. URL Extractor Tool:

URL Extractor Tool is mainly used to find the temporary and permanent redirect, identify the redirect loops and chains, and upload the list of URLs to audit in the site migration. This tool lets us scrape multiple URLs from a site and is suitable for webmasters. It is built with a famous and simple command line option named as Lynx and can be used for testing and troubleshooting the web pages from a command line. It is completely free and works on all web browsers. The tool has been tested with Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

4. Link Klipper:

Some websites block access to a particular webpage, and it may not be possible for you to get its links or URLs with an ordinary tool. However, Link Klipper makes your work easier and provides the better user experience. This tool helps fetch a webpage easily and gets you well-extracted links in no time. No more hassle to copy all the links from a website and store it individually because this Chrome extension helps you extract all the URLs and export them to a file with a few clicks. For the people who work in the SEO industry, Link Klipper is a perfect and ideal service on the internet. They can easily download the target URLs to their hard drives.

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